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My band had its first show this weekend. You can read all about it on the Demiloaf web page.

That's not the point.

I went to Anime Central a couple weekends ago.

That's not the point either.

I had my camera at both these events. My camera was being nice to me. I took pictures until I came to the end of the roll. I did not try to take pictures when there was no film in it. I did not throw it against the wall. I did not sit on it. I did not say anything mean to it. I liked my camera.

pretty star

Not anymore. My camera stopped behaving and I stopped liking it when I tried to take the film out of it. I opened the back to remove the film. Carefully. Delicately. Lovingly.

What was I answered with? The sound of film rewinding. This camera is automatic. It rewinds the film without me even having to ask. The sound of rewinding film frightened me.

The film I saw inside the camera was rewound and ready to be developed. The camera, on the other hand, was not ready to stop. It continued to rewind the imaginary film until I removed the batteries.

I gave it some time to cool down. I put the batteries back in. I was frightened again. It wouldn't stop rewinding film that wasn't there.

Bad camera. Bad bad camera.


baka camera

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