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Well, i've long since recovered from 3 days of nearly no sleep, a steady diet of pizza and ramen, and carefree spending, and now i'm bringing the excitement to you!

(if these pictures actually captured the feeling of my first con i think i'd be pretty disappointed...)

Of course, i remembered to bring a camera as i was walking out to the car to leave, so i grabbed the first one i saw. It happened to be my mother's very nice but very "intended for outdoor use only" Minolta. (read: no flash) I decided a flashless camera was better than no camera, so i went on my merry way. Only after the pictures were developed did i realize how poorly lit and hyperactive all the things and people i chose to take pictures of were...

Anyway, all formalities aside, here are a few pictures that kind of turned out of Katherine, me, and other stuff.

Me with one of my 2 Sailor Saturn enriched Sailor Moon mini-wallscrolls.

Katherine with her brand spankin new posters.

I cuddle the anime animals.

Katherine cuddles the anime animals.

ayanami rei

"Me likee cel painting!"

look it's ranchan

"Too bad Ranma chan's highlights are the same color as her skin and my hair looks like Monica Lewinsky's..."

poor p-chan

Pinata P-chan gets pummeled by the nevermind...Kuno kicks P-chan's ass.

pretty t-shirt

Katherine's Anime Iowa t-shirt got scribbled on by Steven Bennett!

If i wasn't a gimp i'd have used a better camera and there would be manymany more pictures!

go home!

The next con's almost here, yay! Now go home and start saving.