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With over a year of ebay experience I've come up with a pretty clear idea of what makes a transaction really awesome and it's more or less communication. If bidders have a good understanding of a seller's policies, everything will go smoothly, everyone will get positive feedback, and the world will be a better place ^_^ To ensure many happy endings, I've created this page! Please read it if you plan to bid on my auctions or are just curious about why I say the things I do in my item descriptions ^.^

I am always happy when people email me with questions about my auctions and will try to answer it as quickly as I can!

After an auction
I will send high bidders a notification email after the end of an auction. You can find your total, my address, and some basic instructions in it. All you have to do is read this email carefully and respond to it with your address and shipping method and I'll be a happy camper!

Accepted forms of payment
(in order of preference)

credit card w/PayPal- Fast and convenient, what more can I say? Not much because ebay will have a hissy fit for "promoting a 3rd party business."

money order- I accept all kinds of money orders from US bidders as long as they are filled out correctly! My name is not that complicated, but if you have questions about my name and address, please just ask before you send payment!

cash- Since I'm not responsible for payments that get lost/stolen in the mail, I don't recommend cash. However, since it's easier for some people to send it, I have a few suggestions. Don't send coins! Instead, round up to the next dollar. For instance, $4.85 becomes $5.00. And, conceal, conceal, conceal...a PP envelope works rather well!

I do not accept personal checks!

What to include with payment
I am not your psychic friend. If I don't know what you won, I will have a hard time sending it to you. Moral of the story? Please include a note stating clearly your name and address, your item, and how you want it shipped. I don't know how many times this needs to be said since it just seems obvious to me, but I have gotten a lot of payments that are just naked in a plain white, non-security envelope. That spells potential disaster to me! Be safe and conceal your payment!

First Class- I like to send flat or small items via first class mail. I use either a business size envelope or a manilla envelope with a clasp depending on the item's size, and do my best to ensure it will not be bent or crushed due to postal negligence. This is also the cheapest method since it usually doesn't cost more than a dollar. I try to be as accurate as possible with shipping estimates, but until I get a postal scale I might be a few cents off in either direction. If I mis-quote you it will likely not be by more than $0.50, and the extra change will be applied to buying things like envelopes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts which are cheap but not free.

Priority Mail- I use this for larger items or things in boxes. I can get priority mail boxes and envelopes for free at the post office, so there's no need to charge a handling fee. For items under 2 lbs it will always be $3.20. Larger items may be slightly more expensive, but what I charge you is what the post office charges me. Again, if I should happen to over-estimate in the case of a heavier item, anything extra will be used for the purchase of shipping supplies.

You can always request priority mail, even I don't list it as an option in the item description.

Leaving feedback
I leave feedback after every buy or sell transaction and expect the same in return! It seems crazy not to leave feedback since it only takes a few seconds and is the only way to build up a reputation on ebay. Check out the feedback forum, they have a way you can leave feedback for all your transactions in the past 60 days at the same time!

What NOT to do...
I obviously cannot cash money orders made out to the wrong person. My name is Nicole Simon. I understand that winning multiple auctions around the same time can get confusing, but it makes it a lot easier for both of us when information is double checked. Please make sure that money orders and envelopes are made out to the correct name and address! It would take an entire web page to list all the variations on my name and address that I have seen, and I've always considered my name to be rather simple ^_^

 Thanks for reading this far! I hope my guidelines didn't come off as harsh or unreasonable. I've had a lot more good transactions than not-so-good ones, and I hope this page helps keep it that way ^.^