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Irasshaimase! Rishu deshi!

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update: 6.25.00


Zantar's Abode


I like to think of myself as an imperialist nation with a sphere of influence...okay okay, you got me I don't, but I do know that there are certain people with whom I like to talk/spend time etc. And for giving me the time of day, I'd like to give them a few kb of recognition on my web page ^_^ If you're feeling adventurous you could even click on some of their names and visit their web pages...ooh la la!

Terry - Webmeister, boyfriend, and punk rock dude ^_^
Adam- my brother. you have to know him to know him...oh billy.
Eric - Long-haired cracker pal
Chester - He tapes JBTV, how resourceful!
Peter - punk rock Bosnia no less!
Girl Chris" - my art noveau lovin friend with a tattoo
Katherine - who else understands my insane obsession with trading cards?
Kristin - her family's driveway has more cars than you can shake a stick at...she however is quite normal ^_^
Natalie- My ubersmart friend in Florida who I really should email...
Nina - She's an ebay fiend like me who used to sell anime CD's, but she's presently taking a break from that.
Billy- AKA Lake Michigan. Oh Billy!