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It's the obligatory survey/profile page! 

Full name: Nicole Marie Zantar Simon + several anime surnames

Ebay user ID: Rishu

Age: 19 since September ^_^

Birthday: I'll just say I'm a Libra for now.

Blood Type: Someday I'll find this out.

Personality: Itsumo genki!

Family: Hitori de sunde imasu yo! And I have divorced parents, a brother and a numerous future step-siblings.

Best Friends: They're all the best in their own respects.

Grade: 14-daigakusei desu yo!

Favorite Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara!

Favorite Color: Lavender but most of my clothes are blue. If i was a mermaid my tail would be red. Don't know about the sea shells though.

Favorite Flower: The ones in my press and the impaled one on the Kenshin OVA jacket.

Favorite Food: Hangover pretzels (it's not how it sounds, honest!), Garibaldi's, crack...hee...

Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye, my Orphen art book, Sailor Moon art book 5, Card Captor Sakura Illustrations collection and Cheerio!...sense a theme?

Favorite Subject: Japanese (especially when I'm enrolled in it...grrr...), English

Favorite pro-wrestler: Old school Jake the Snake. DDT!

Most Disliked Subject: Math

After School Program: Someday an anime club will be where I spend my Sunday evenings. Don't know where exactly but that's another story.

The thing I want the most: nirvana and a Swiss bank account.

Special Abilities: Watching anime in mass quantities, eating, file scrubbing, bleeding money, half-assed magical girl...hehe!



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