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Irasshaimase! Rishu deshi!

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Zantar's Abode


Full name: Nicole Marie Zantar Simon + several anime surnames
Ebay user ID: Rishu
Age: 19 for a bit longer
Birthday: I'm a Libra, draw your own conclusions.
Blood Type: When I know it, I'll spill it. The info, not my blood...
Personality: Itsumo genki!
Family: Dysfunctional. But, my cat and I are doing just fine on our own ^_^
Best Friends: They're all the best in their own respects.
Grade: 14- Haapaa daigaku no ninensei da yo!
Favorite Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara of course, there's nothing the woman can't do!
Favorite Color: Lavender is lovely, blue is bosto-terrifico, and red is rad.
Favorite Flower: Purdy ones like lillies.
Favorite Food: Smack ramen...well not really, but such a brand exists!
Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye, my philosophy book is interesting, I might not sell it back ^^;; My new Speed book is cool too
Favorite Subject: Japanese (especially when I'm enrolled in it <insert bitterness>) and English
Favorite pro-wrestler: Old school Jake the Snake. DDT!
Most Disliked Subject: Math
After School Program: Ha ha. Participation is for the weak of mind...or something.
The thing I want the most: Inner harmony and a Swiss bank account.
Special Abilities: Scrubbing files with my eyes closed, being a half-assed magical girl with an adorable pocket bishounen sidekick, and exaggerating.
Ambition: Mmmm teaching ESL in Japan <drool> I mean...I plan to pursue a career in education.